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Abandoning Dualistic Thinking
Saturday, March 25
Manjushri Dharma Center

“Samsara and nirvana are no more different than the two sides of a single hand.  Abandon dualistic discrimination;  Pure lands are nowhere else!   That is my heart advice.”  page 8 Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar, Khenpo Karten Rinpoche

In the introduction to the The Jewel Ornament Of Liberation, Gampopa (1074-1153) writes:  “In general, all phenomena are included in the two categories of samsara and nirvana. That which is called samsara is empty by nature, a confused projection. Its defining characteristic is that it manifests as suffering. That which is called nirvana is also empty by nature, but all the confused projections are exhausted and dissipated. Its defining characteristic is freedom from all suffering….When can this confusion be transformed into primordial wisdom?  When one attains unsurpassable enlightenment.”

Out of ignorance, we tend to think of samsara and nirvana as two separate realities, when actually they are of the same nature:  emptiness, deep freedom and bliss.  It may take a lifetime or many lifetimes to achieve a direct realization of emptiness, but with patient, consistent, gentle and joyful effort, it is within reach.

We can relate to this teaching in another aspect.   Within our conventional reality we often judge people and experiences as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, and spend much energy trying to avoid the unpleasant, seeking only the people and circumstances we enjoy.  What if we could experience others from a basis of curiosity, openness, and freedom of thought?  What if we viewed our lives and circumstances beyond the lens of habitual dualistic thinking?

Join us for a teaching from Khenpo Karten Rinpoche on this deep subject, following our regular mediation practice (10-11am).  Rinpoche will teach directly in his own English.

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