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Chötrul Düchen is one of four major Tibetan Buddhist holy days, celebrated on the first full moon after lunar new year.   It is known as the Butter Lamp Festival, Festival of Lights, or Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations.  It commemorates the day that Buddha Shakyamuni settled the question of his enlightenment with naysayers by performing many miracles.  This full moon day is considered a “merit multiplier” day, with the effects of both positive and negative actions multiplied ten million times.   On this auspicious day, we will gather to read the Heart Sutra, Praise of the Twelve Great Deeds, and Praise of Buddha Shakyamuni.   Participants may bring flowers, electric candles or battery-operated lights to add to the alter (no real candles please).  We hope to see you there!

Traditionally, artistic butter lamps are prepared in the first fifteen days after lunar new year and great displays of light are lit on the full moon celebration of Chötrul Düchen, however in Rinpoche’s absence, we have agreed to not light real candles at the center, so will substitute with electric lights.  In closing our Chötrul Düchen celebration we will read a long-life prayer for Rinpoche.  We hope to see you there!

Links to Prayers: HeartSutra.RedPineTranslation , Kab-sum-pa Praise of Buddha, LongLifePrayerForKKRinpoche, ThePraiseOfThe12Deeds

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