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The Jewel Ornament of Liberation, also known as the Thargyen, was originally composed by Ven. Gampopa (1079-1153), and presents all of Buddha’s 84,000 teachings, kindly organized into a step-by-step outline of the path to enlightenment. It is a foundational text in the Kagyu tradition. We are so fortunate that our resident lama Khenpo Karten Rinpoche has written a beautiful 80 verse distillation entitled Excellent Path of Freedom:  The Jewel Ornament of Liberation in Brief, translated into English by Jampa Tharchin. As Rinpoche states in his colophon, it was written: “so that future disciples could know how to put all of the Jewel Ornament of Liberation into practice, day and night, in daily life…” Please join us for this very special weekly series as Rinpoche give commentary and teachings on his 80 verse composition, with consecutive interpretation kindly provided by Jampa Tharchin.

This is the second to last class in the series, which concludes April 10th, 2019.

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