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Kyabje Sangye Tenzin Rinpoche was the kind heart teacher of our own Khenpo Karten Rinpoche.    In a blog post entitled, I Met My Root Guru In A Dream, KK Rinpoche writes, “With last night’s dream, I see it as a good sign that my benevolent guru who passed away about fifteen years ago has still not let me, his poor disciple, out of the grip of his compassion…I am again and again forcefully reminded of how he especially takes care of me, this lowly child within his entourage, as lovingly as a mother cares for her only child.

On the occasion of the Tibetan New Year’s Eve, we will remember the great kindness of Kyabje Sangye Tenzin Rinpoche by reciting special prayers, some of which were composed by KK Rinpoche.   Participants may bring flowers for the altar if they wish, but simply participating is the best offering you can make as we honor this precious lineage.

Poem for Sangye Tenzin Rinpoche, written by KK Rinpoche:

You whose kindness is beyond repaying,
Unfailing, supreme object of refuge,
With the name of the benevolent ‘Buddha’,
I saw you again in a dream!

For those wanting permanent Liberation
From the suffering of unbearable karma and delusions
That is experienced in this inescapable pit, this prison of samsara,
Nothing surpasses the guru’s personal instructions.

Sole Father manifesting as a human being,
While I am your child, your son, a monk,
I place my hopes in none but you;
Never leave me out of your compassionate care!

Yet, since the sole Father Guru
Has introduced me to my own mind as the guru
In the nature of dharmakaya emptiness-awareness
I never think the guru is not here!

Leaving present ordinary consciousness
To settle naturally, uncontrived, unaltered,
Without distraction at all times,
The state of the Guru will be attained!

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