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In person, Saturday morning meditation will be canceled until further notice due to COVID 19 precautions.

However, as Rinpoche has recently written in a post, “You can also still follow our normal MDC routine as if you are here. We do Amitabha and Medicine Buddha prayers on Monday from 6:30-8 PM and meditation on Saturday from 10-11 AM. Practicing dharma doesn’t require you to be at a temple, your body is the temple.”

He has also reminded us to pursue a daily practice, even if for a short time: “Dear dharma brothers and sisters, it is very important to renew our meditation and practice daily no matter how far you have progressed in your cultivation.”

There are many ways to meditate.  Rinpoche wrote a brief teaching “Meditation 101” that describes both quieting the mind meditation (shunyata) and meditation on the mind itself.  The teaching also includes a homage to Amitabha Buddha, Buddha of Infinite Light.


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