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Wednesday, January 31st is a very special day:  a blue moon (second full moon in month), a super moon (closest to earth this year) and a lunar eclipse (starts at roughly 3am and reaches maximum roughly 5:30am).  We learned from Rinpoche that eclipse days and special astronomical events such as this are energetically and spiritually significant.  Wednesday should be considered a “merit multiplier day,” meaning that our intentions and actions are amplified by countless millions, so practitioners are encouraged to set positive intentions and to act in accordance with love and compassion with special focus on this day.   Aaron Joseph (Pema Tsultrim) will lead us in the prayers of Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig, the Buddha of Infinite Compassion, wishing freedom from suffering for all sentient beings.  In addition, we will recite a special prayer called the Prayer of Kuntuzangpo  — a famous Dzogchen aspiration prayer to be recited especially during a solar or lunar eclipse, or at the solstices.   Join us for this very meritorious night!     Free of charge, but donations are welcome.

More about the special prayers: the Prayer of Kuntuzangpo (Tib. ཀུན་བཟང་སྨོན་ལམ་, Kunzang Mönlam) — is a famous Dzogchen aspiration prayer from the Gongpa Zangthal. It is to be recited especially during a solar or lunar eclipse, an earthquake or at the solstices. This aspiration prayer comes from the Dzogchen tantra called the Tantra of the Great Perfection which Shows the Penetrating Wisdom of Samantabhadra. In Tibetan, the short title of this tantra is Gongpa Zangthal Gyi Gyü, which means “The Tantra of Penetrating Wisdom” or “The Tantra of Transcendent Intention.”

Read the full text:  Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

More about viewing the lunar eclipse in the Monterey area:  https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/monterey


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