In 2012, as Khenpo Karten Rinpoche prepared to make his annual pilgrimage to India and South Asia, his American students asked him to give them some advice on how to practice in his absence.   Rinpoche composed the beautiful and poetic “Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar,” which has been a staple for his students ever since.   In 2019, Rinpoche kindly composed a commentary on the verses, “A Door of Entrance to the Heart Advice called A Ship Sailing to Liberation:  A Commentary to the Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar.”   A printed version of this commentary was circulated to his students, but only the Tibetan version was posted online, until today.

We are so pleased to announce that the English translation is also now available online.   Links to the English and Tibetan translations are below, and more teachings from Rinpoche can be found on his Teachings page of this website, and also on his blog site, Khenpo Karten Blogspot.