We have two higher lamas from our monastery in Tibet. One is my root guru Sangye Tenzin Rinpoche and the other is Balpar Tulku Rinpoche. Unfortunately I received some very sad news from my sister in Tibet. He passed into parinirvana yesterday morning at 9am on the 10th which was coincidentally Guru Rinpoche’s day. He was 84 years old and he was also imprisoned by the Chinese for 22 years together with my root guru. He was also a very highly accomplished meditator and lived with his own family.
As Palbar Rinpoche did not live at the monastery, I did not have much dharma connection with him. He was a very special lama as whenever families had obstacles or spirit hindrances, they would call upon Palbar Rinpoche to perform rituals to appease the spirits as he could also see and communicate with them as if they were normal human beings. He would first perform some divinations to ascertain if they were peaceful or wrathful spirits who meant harm. He was quite famous in Kham Nangchen because of this.
After he passed he remained in Thukdam meditation and I just want to say that I am quite sad upon receiving this news from home. Tashi Delek.
From Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, originally posted on Facebook, Dec.23, 2018