།ཁ་སང་ལོ་གསར་སྐབས་སུ། །སྐྱིད་པའི་རྐང་བྲོ་འཁྲབ་ཡོད།

།རྒྱལ་གཅེས་སློབ་མ་རྣམས་དང་། །འཛུམ་ནང་ལོ་གསར་བསུས་ཡོད།

This Tibetan New Year was very enjoyable. This afternoon, my friend Ngudup Dorjee and his family visited the Dharma Center. In Pacific Grove, California, where I live, there are very few Tibetan families. Ngudrup La and his family have become very close to me and like part of my family here. I feel very lucky to have them. They brought some tea and khapse, and we had a dance party in back yard. In the evening, we celebrated Losar virtually on Zoom with my Sangha; we prayed long life prayers for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and recited “Words of Truth”, a prayer written by His Holiness. It was a very beautiful ceremony. Late that night, I had a video call with many many members of my large extended family in Tibet. I was up very late until early in the morning. It was a very happy Losar!

All photos are thanks to MDC Sangha members–Happy Losar 2021!