Look at this very nice umbrella and table set that I received for the patio in my yard! It was a donation from Shayna Morse, my student and MDC board member.

Whenever I would take walks to the beach in Pacific Grove, I saw many umbrellas outside providing shade to tables. I thought it would be nice to have at the Dharma Center, because sometimes I sit outside with guests and visitors in nice weather, but too much sun is also not very good.

Shayna knew this and told me, “I am going to buy for you Rinpoche.” She even found a yellow umbrella whose color I really liked but which she told me was very difficult to find. It looks perfect on the patio!  When I thanked Shayna for her kindness, she responded, “I am happy to help my Teacher.”

I just wanted to show this very nice furniture, and to say thank you to my student.  As I wrote in the 17th verse of Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar:

“You are grateful to me for Dharma kindness,
I am grateful to you for kind material support
Helping one another in this way
Is sacred Dharma work. That is my heart advice.”

Written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, posted to MDC Facebook on 8/31/2020