On Sunday, Dec. 3, Rinpoche welcomed a highly skilled wood-worker and member of the Portland Sangha named Nagwang to the Manjushri Dharma Center. With help from our Pacific Grove Sangha, Nagwang completed his work Friday, December 15th, creating a traditional Tibetan teaching throne, meditation box, and two couches.

Special thanks to all volunteers who have helped with this project!  Susan for picking up Nagwang from the airport and returning him safely early Sunday.  Keith L. who spent many hours with Nagwang and Rinpoche buying materials, building, and painting the new furniture. Special thanks to volunteer Board Member Diana for manifesting custom cushions within 24 hours, and to the seamstress who worked all night long. Thanks to all who helped with the painting and to our generous donors. We raised 700.00 to help pay for these beautiful additions to the Center.   We are still accepting donations for these pieces.  Thank you all!




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