I was meditating on my spot yesterday morning and thought about all the sentient beings stuck in the cycle of Samsara, particularly during this unprecedented pandemic during which countless people have suffered . But still sentient beings have not been awakened from their deep slumber of ignorance and delusions.

Everyone is looking for happiness outside of themselves but they are searching for it in the wrong direction. They take so much effort, time and money to achieve happiness yet true happiness can be attained right here within our own minds.

“No one puts efforts into the methods
for finding happiness arising within.
Delusion fools everyone
to seek external sense pleasures.”

~from my blog “A Dharma Gong to Wake Us from Ignorance”

If we really want to achieve happiness, we should make an effort to meditate and gain real peace of mind. Do not waste our precious time in unnecessary activities especially now that we are all staying home during this crisis.

I hope everyone will find true happiness within yourselves one day.

Tashi Delek

Written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, posted to the MDC Facebook page August 18, 2020