The Writings and Teachings of Khenpo Karten Rinpoche

The Importance of Oral Transmission in the Modern Age, April 2021

How to Create Your Own Happiness, June 2020

Two sound recordings, songs by Rinpoche, June 2020:  The Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and Buddha Amitabha Mantra “OM AMI DEWA HRIH”

Dharma Gong to Wake Us from Ignorance, May 2020

Medicine Buddha Practice for Corona Virus, March 2020

Impermanence, the Essence of Meditation, January 2020

A Door of Entrance to the Heart Advice Called A Ship Sailing to Liberation. A Commentary to the Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar, Tibetan text , January 2019

A Door of Entrance to the Heart Advice Called A Ship Sailing to Liberation. A Commentary to the Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar, English text , January 2019

Our Wandering in Samsara, December 2019

A Bouquet Garland of White Lotuses, A Prayer for the Marriage of Karma Sherab, June 2019

A Brief Explanation of the Four Dharmas of Gampopa, May 2019

Essence of Buddhism as Related to the Four Noble Truths, April 2019

An Amazing Dream Of My Root Guru, March 2019

The Essence of the Heart Sutra in Brief, February 2019

The Benefits of Courageous Confidence and the Faults of Lacking It, February 2019

A Jewel Garland of Advice, January 2019

Happiness and Suffering are Only Appearances, They Are Not Real, September 2018

My Kind Father and the Wooden Bowl, May 2018

Excellent Path Of Freedom, The Jewel Ornament of Liberation in Brief, November/December, 2017

Message to My Disciples, December 2017

The Purpose and Benefits of the Holy Dharma, December, 2017

My Thoughts About Some Auspicious Good News, December 2017

Lama’s Call to Action:  Respectful greetings to all of my Dharma friends, December 2017

Shunyata, Essence of Mind (originally from June, 2011, reposted in September, 2017)

Transforming Bad Habits into Good Ones, August, 2017

Medicine For The Mind:  Instructions for My Boston Dharma Brothers On Using Suffering and Obstacles for Mental Development, May, 2017

The Four Powers of Purification of Negative Karma (originally from November 2016, reposted in April 2017)

The Nine Instructions for Concentration Meditation (originally from September, 2016, reposted in April 2017)

Developing the Supreme Good Heart:  Bodhicitta, April 2017

Mahamudra’s Four Stages of Yoga (originally from June, 2013, reposted in April 2017)

Transforming Negative Conditions, April 2017

Abandoning Dualistic Thinking, March 2017

If You Have Devotion, the Guru is Always With You, February 2017

The Four Immeasurables, February 2017

Meditation and Mindfulness, January 2017

A Most Instrumental Person In My Life, January 2017

Prayer to Japa Sangye Tenzin, January 2017

I Met My Root Guru In A Dream, December 2016

Victory To Truth, August 2016

The Show To Watch, April 2016

The Bottom of Milrepa, February, 2016

How to Practice Buddha Amitabha, April, 2015

Showing the Path to Liberation, An Exhortation to Seek Isolated Places, December 2015

Quieting the Mind (Meditation 101) and Homage to Buddha Amitabha, 2015

Prayer for World Peace, February, 2015

Brief Dharma Words in Common Language on the Four Attitude Reversers and the Three Holy Instructions, March 2014

Propitiating the Devas of the Four Elements, September 2012

Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar, April 2012

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