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While Rinpoche is away on his teaching tour in Asia, the Manjushri Dharma Center will still be holding Saturday Morning Meditation in-person for the local Sangha at the MDC in Pacific Grove at the usual time of 10:00AM PST . Live streams on Zoom, though, have been postponed until Rinpoche returns.

Sangha member and MDC secretary, Miles McBreen (Karma Palden), will be holding space and helping to facilitate these sittings while Rinpoche is in Asia. As Rinpoche reminded us before he left, please remember that even though the Guru will not physically be at the center, the Guru is always with you, and that Rinpoche always holds the Sangha of Manjushri Dharma Center in his heart.

Additionally, Rinpoche strongly encouraged us to continue our Dharma practice, both meditation and Pujas, if possible at our regular times. If not attending the meditations in-person, and even though Zoom will not be broadcast, it is always possible to practice wherever you find yourself, whether at home or elsewhere, during the same time period as we will be meditating at the center. Thereby joining us in spirit as we all take part in meditation for greater peace and harmony throughout the world.

*SPECIAL NOTICE* We have resumed in-person Saturday morning meditation at the Center. Sangha members that are current on their vaccinations are not required to wear masks in the Center. If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID please do wear a mask. There will be a box of masks at the front door. 

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