This morning while I was taking my daily walk along the beach, I came across this bug. I usually go to the beach in the morning because the weather is cooler and there are fewer people.
In the middle of the path, I saw this beetle. It looked as if it had been stepped on by a passerby. I always check my path while walking and am conscientious of bugs because I don’t want to kill them.
This beetle’s lower body had been crushed, but its head and upper body were still moving. It seemed to be  in great fear and still showed a strong desire to live.
I gently picked it up, cleared an open spot, and placed it near beautiful flowers. I recited prayers for its rebirth in Sukhavati, a Buddha Pureland, and a favorable rebirth in a noble human family so it can become a Buddhist practitioner. I hope the bug is at peace and as I sit in my meditation box, I feel concern for its well being right now❤🙏🙏🙏