ཁ་སང་སུམ་བཅུ་དུས་དྲན་ཁྲོམ་སྐོར་ཉིད། །དེ་རིང་གསར་ཤོག་ཆེ་ཤོས་གཉིས་སུ་ཐོན། །
ཆོས་ཚོགས་ལས་བྱེད་རྣམས་དང་གསར་འགོད་པ། །ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ་ཞེས་སེམས་ཀྱི་གཏིང་ནས་ཞུ།
After the Tibetan Uprising Day protest on March 10th, the blog that I wrote about Tibetan Uprising Day and the current situation in Tibet was printed in two local publications, the “Cedar Street Times” and the “Monterey County Weekly”; it was even featured on the front cover! Many thanks to these two newspapers, your support is greatly appreciated.
You can read the story on my blog:
Written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, posted to Facebook on 3.13.2021

Tibetan Uprising Day
March 10, 2021
Pacific Grove commemorates the 62nd anniversary of Tibet’s horrific occupation by the Chinese communists in 1959. More than half a million Tibetans were killed and over 6000 monasteries were completely destroyed.
Heartfelt thanks to all MDC Sangha who attended yesterday’s Uprising Day. It was extremely cold ❄️ but yet everyone still flew the flag high and stood up for human rights. I deeply appreciate all your unfailing support each year for the justice of Tibet.

Free Tibet! བོད་རྒྱལ་ལོ།

Thank you once again and tashi delek.
Written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, posted to Facebook on 3.11.2021

Reflections in Tibetan:

Rinpoche also wrote some reflections on the day of protest in Tibetan (English is forthcoming):  http://khenpokarten.blogspot.com/2021/03/blog-post.html
With deep gratitude to all who came out for the in-person protest, and all who joined for the online protest, and with deep wishes for the people of Tibet to be truly free, we share some photos from the day, and some online resources:

Videos & Web Resources:

Uprising Song (Long Shog) English Translation

Rise up!!!
Decade after decade……..
(Our flesh has been worn out to the bare bone,
Oppressed by the enemy.)…… x2

In the year of 1959,
(The patriotic people, desperate, unable to bear anymore, with no choice,
Rose up for the sake of Truth.)….2

Rise up, rise up all Tibetans,
(People of the world, rise up with us,
Bear witness to the Truth!)……2

(The Protector of the land of Tibet,
The great lord of refuge,
The supreme wish fulfilling jewel,
Is the supreme leader of all Tibetans,
In Tibet and in exile.)…….2

Enemy, the butcher with hands covered in blood.
(Forced rule of Red China,
We will drive out of Tibet!

All patriotic people,
Rise up!)………..2

Pictures from the Day (courtesy of MDC Sangha)