Recently after I returned from my brief two-week visit to South India, I was unable to sleep at night and day. I was severely jet-lagged. However, the bright side of this was that I was able to make good use of it. I spent these sleepless nights and days to follow through the practices of my root guru and intensely practiced his teachings, which brought about a very unique and inexpressible experience within me. As I sat doing my practice, I had an exceptionally strong feeling that perhaps there is no one else more fortunate than me. I felt as if the concept of precious human life was is in fact manifesting from within me and felt extremely emotional. During one sitting session, endless tears flowed from my eyes. Whatever it may be, I truly hope that in the future, may I never part from this precious Dharma, may there be no obstacles in my Dharma path, and may I always experience this intense sense of gratitude as felt during these days. I also pray and make aspirations that all my students experience such similar sense of gratitude and intense bliss.