In this short life, there is nothing that I have not experienced with my physical body, not witnessed with these round eyes, and not heard with these long ears, however, the sudden ringing of the phone this morning from a dharma friend in South India, stirred me as his voice filled with sorrow and fear said:

“Respected Khenpo. Sertha Buddhist monastery is indeed being destroyed and looted by the Chinese. There is no greater danger to the Buddha dharma and to Tibetans than this. I swear to Jowo Rinpoche (Buddha), we Tibetans have no basic human rights and freedom to practice our own religion and this has led to about one hundred and fifty self-immolations, but the United Nations and the most powerful countries of the world have done nothing except watch us, and today as we witness the complete destruction of Sertha, one of the biggest Buddhist academy in Tibet, all Buddhists around the world are simply watching the spectacle.”

As he informed me all this with his strongest emotion, my peace of mind this morning was disturbed. Having my breakfast, I pondered over when in 1949, Mao Zedong with his selfish intentions invaded Tibet. The high land of Tibet with its rich culture passed on for generations was occupied by China, but like an aged and hardened Yak meat, it is unable to digest to this day. If indigestible and diseased, one’s only solution is to find a remedy. For the Chinese government, the disease has spread both internally and externally. For them, the internal tumor of Tibet, and Xingjian and an external disease caused by Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has become serious headache and pain. In addition to the internal and external problems, the secretive problem of corruption and power struggle inside the Chinese government has become untreatable. The only remedy to relief of all these diseases is to listen to the doctor. As China’s sickness is a unique one, so will it need an exceptional treatment. This special cure is to abide by the solution presented by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness is a unique doctor on the face of this earth and his words have helped many. On many occasions he said, “Most of the world’s problems stem from one’s own actions, and the only way to solve them are through dialogue.”

If China does not heed to this remedy presented by His Holiness now, there will come a time when the disease will take over and death imminent. If China continues to further its repressive policies on Tibetans inside Tibet, there will be a time when it has to repent its actions and that moment will be one of remorse.

These days, the inconsistencies of the Chinese government’s claims of human rights and religious freedom inside Tibet is proving an embarrassment for them. The contradictions are seen in the destruction and displacement of thousands of poor monks and nuns of Sertha monastery. is proof that what China proclaims is not the truth. This action could be a last resort for China as the result of its continuous oppression has only strengthened the resolve of the Tibetans. In 1949, with the cultural revolution and destruction of over 6000 monasteries, they almost completely destroyed Tibet’s religion and cultural. Undeterred by this and unable to crush the Tibetans’ state of mind, the number of monasteries grew even more. During the cultural revolution, three of my family members, including my mother and uncle were killed as a result of torture. My revered spiritual master, Kyabje Sangye Tenzin Rinpoche was imprisoned for 22 years. I was separated from my family and monastery, and eventually forced to leave my native land to roam around the world. From a dharmic perspective, I consider all this a great spiritual practice for patience, and can forget all this happened to me, as these events, whether good or bad, are in the past.

I am saddened as I see the pictures of the destruction and displacement of thousands of faithful and innocent monks and nuns, while the world witnesses this action of the Chinese government. I hope that one day truth will prevail. Victory to Truth. Victory to Tibet.