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Following the usual Saturday morning meditation at the Manjushri Dharma Center, students have requested to chant long life prayers for Rinpoche before his Asia Tour; additionally, Rinpoche will hold a ‘Prayer for Peace’, which will be the last Dharma activity that Khenpo La will conduct before his Asia Tour 2023. Please do join us on Zoom or in-person, and say farewell and wish our precious Lama a fortuitous and pleasant trip!

Prayer for Peace 
Through roots of goodness of us all on this vast earth,
May all living creatures become full of
love and compassion,
So that all enjoy peace on earth!
Stop bad intentions, thoughts and deeds
of all those who terrorize others,
That all living beings on this earth
come together like one family!
May all be well, have long life and health
with bliss of mind, free of illusion.
May all mothers have oceans of bliss
of body, for now, and ultimately of mind.
May this lamp of wisdom love, oneness,
highest remedy to clear darkness,
Enter the hearts of all living beings,
so their perfect path be illumined!  

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