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Universal Prayer Day or Dzam Ling Chi Sang falls on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Tibetan Lunar calendar, which is June 22, 2024–full moon day.   It is a time for spiritual cleansing. Tibetans hang prayer flags and burn juniper twigs.  Rinpoche will lead us in a smoke puja in the backyard of the Manjushri Dharma Center after meditation, the ceremony will go from (approximately) 11:00am to 12:00pm.  Participants are invited to wear all white clothing to symbolize purification.

Here is a brief history of Dzam Ling Chi Sang . During the time of Trisong Detsen , the first emperor of Tibet , there were many evil mountain deities in Tubo Kingdom. Guru Rinpoche was invited to Tibet to subdue these evil deities and turned them into dharma protectors instead. Also after Samye Monastery was built, Guru Rinpoche held a ceremony to give thanks to all the deities, nagas, yakshas, devas and so on. During the day, humans built Samye Monastery but at night, all the devas and spirits continue to construct the temple. That is why at the completion of Samye Monastery, Guru Rinpoche held a smoke offering ceremony to commemorate this and to honor the deities. This is the beginning of Dzam Ling Chi Sang since the time of Guru Rinpoche till the present day. Also Sang is Tibetan for incense powder which is also used to purify our body, speech and mind.

From Rinpoche’s 2023 Facebook post

After the Dzam Ling Chi Sang ceremony, all are invited to stay for a “Lucky Pot,”  which is “Rinpoche-speak” for pot luck!  Bring some food to share, musical instruments, and your good heart.   MDC will provide coffee/tea/lemon-mint water.

Questions?  Contact Rachel (MDC volunteer/president) at [email protected].

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