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Saga Dawa observations take place in the fourth Tibetan month, honoring Buddha Shakyamuni’s birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana. For the whole period, positive actions are multiplied 100,000 times, so practitioners are encouraged to practice Dharma and positive actions as much as possible during this time, and to refrain from harmful actions with extra mindfulness. Most holy of all is the full moon day of Saga Dawa, the 15th day of the Tibetan month, which will fall on Tuesday, May 29th.  

Please join us for an Amitabha Tsog Offering Puja to observe this auspicious occasion. Attendees are requested to bring tsog offerings like flowers, fruits, biscuits, cheese/crackers, nuts, etc.  We will arrange a beautiful offering of food and flowers for the Guru, the Three Jewels, and the Assembly of Heroes and Heroines, and we partake in the offerings to honor the divine within.  It is a beautiful practice to accumulate merit and purify obscurations. Prayers will be provided and all are welcome!

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