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Happy Saga Dawa!

May 13th, 2024|

Thursday, May 9th 2024, marked the beginning of the month of Saga Dawa, which will end on Thursday, June 6th 2024. This is the most auspicious month in the Tibetan lunar calendar. In Tibetan, “Saga”

True Wealth: Renunciation

May 13th, 2024|

When you realize the true nature of samsara you generate actual renunciation, a real wish to attain Liberation. If you develop perfect renunciation in your mind, by entering the perfect path of Sacred Dharma, you

Definitive Metaphors and Meanings

May 7th, 2024|

On Monday night, 5-6-2024, Rinpoche shared this teaching by the Venerable Longchen Rabjam.  We did not sing it--a challenge for next time!  This text comes courtesy of Lotsawa House, and translations in Tibetan, French, Portuguese

True Paths

May 6th, 2024|

What are true paths?  They are paths that are the means of attaining true cessations. For example, like the wisdom insight directly realizing selflessness or emptiness.  To understand this, you first need to know about