This “old man” I have known for about 10 years.  One day he invited me to his house in Marina, he had a party there.  I went there. Then he give to the people a piece of paper, and before we eat together, we all hold hands and then he said “Look your paper”–each paper said “No Ego, No Problem.”  The he was singing, “No Ego, No Problem, No Ego, No Problem,”  then we were all singing together before we eat lunch, “No Ego, No Problem, No Ego, No Problem!”   I was really, really happy because this is the truth, this is really Buddhist way we think, and we always say this.

We became friends, but now he is in the community hospital, and he needs some prayers.   Please my friends, my students, pray for Will Giles in the hospital.

A message from Khenpo Karten Rinpoche on Sunday, May 3rd, 2020.