Sunday, 2/25, marked the conclusion of the Second Amitabha Dechen Shingdrup in Taiwan. The initiation and retreat was wonderful, and all those in attendance were very happy. I also very much enjoyed my stay here; the weather was nice, the temple, the sights and scenery were beautiful, and the people were very kind, welcoming, and generous. At the end of the retreat, my Dharma brothers and sisters purchased and released fish and aquatic life for release; they spent around ~$8,500 and saved many many lives. I want to sincerely thank all of my Taiwanese Dharma brothers and sisters, especially the kind nun who hosted me (Ani La or Shifu meaning “teacher”) and my very close and longtime friend Pema Sonam, who did excellent work translating. Thank you everyone for your hospitality. I am very, very happy here. Tomorrow morning, I will fly to Singapore to continue my trip. Goodbye to all and Tashi Delek!


from 2-26-24 post by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche on Facebook.