If we meditate on emptiness gradually, it is not difficult to abandon the delusions.  That is because ignorance has no valid perceptions to support it. The nature of ignorance is that it is the root of suffering; it is impermanent; the creator of karma; a lie; truth for the obscured; changeable; fallible; momentary.  Transcendent wisdom awareness is the opposite, backed up by valid minds of love, of compassion, and so on; it is the root of happiness; permanent; immutable; unborn; true; unfailing; eternal, etc. The stronger our wisdom awareness, the weaker our ignorance becomes.  For example, the brighter the light in a room, the more its opposite, darkness, will naturally be completely absent.

Quote from  Precious Teachings, by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, page 58 in print version (64 in PDF version), “Essence of Buddhism as Related to the Four Noble Truths.” 

Image:  by Pete Slater on Flkr