We recently had a very successful three-day Phowa retreat with Rinpoche at Wave Street Studios in Pacific Grove. At the end of that retreat, Rinpoche recognized the pivotal role that Heidi Feldman played in bringing him to Pacific Grove and the MDC, highlighting a short article in a recently published book, Life in Pacific Grove California. Here is a copy of that article to give you all a feeling for Heidi’s role, and the historical foundations of our sangha more generally. Thank you, Heidi, for setting the blessings of Khenpo Karten’s presence here among us into motion! (And thanks to Keith Larson for securing the author’s and publisher’s permission to reprint this for you.)

David Winkler/Karma Dorje
MDC Board President

Excerpt from:  Life in Pacific Grove California: Personal Stories by Residents and Visitors to Butterfly Town U.S.A. (Pacific Grove Books) Paperback – September 12, 2017 by Patricia Hamilton (Author), Joyce Krieg (Editor), Keith Larson (Illustrator), Phyllis Edwards (Introduction), Bill Monning (Foreword), Pacific Grove Residents and Visitors (Contributors).  Used by permission.