By perservering in Dharma and correctly practicing the cause and effect of the Four Noble Truths without the slightest laziness or procrastination, like, for example, if an elegant lady’s head catches on fire, or a snake slithers into a meek person’s lap (two examples of situations that bring immediate reactions, thus pointing to the need for immediate Dharma practice, without procrastination) you may finally be victorious over the delusions which have enslaved you for so many lifetimes.

In the sutra it is said:  “You are your own protector, your own refuge.  Therefore like a horse trader training a horse, you must subdue and train yourself.  Thus, you must accomplish your own welfare; it is primarily in your own hands.”

From Precious Teachings, by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, page 39 in print version (page 44-45 in PDF version), “Essence of Buddhism as Related to the Four Noble Truths.” 

Image: Victory Banner, Looking towards Tibet, Roof of Tharlam Monastery, Bodha, Kathmandu, Nepal by artist “Wonderlane” on Flkr.