4 ཨ་མའི་མངལ་ནས་སྐྱེ་ཙམ་ཉིད་ནས་མི་ཡག་སྡུག་སྒྲུབ་མི་ཤེས། ཚེ་འདིར་མཉམ་དུ་འགྲོགས་པའི་གྲོགས་བཟང་ངན་རྗེས་སུ་འགྲོ་ལྡོག་བྱེད།



We don’t know how someone will turn out from the very moment of birth. It much depends upon the quality of friends they have.

Rather than letting ourselves be influenced by harmful friends, we must follow the example of good friends.

It is like the smell of sandalwood that spreads and adheres to everything throughout the whole forest.


From “A Calendar for Mindful Living,” written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche and translated by Jampa Tharchin, 2017.  Public domain image from PXHere dot com, artist unknown.