5  རང་རྒྱལ་གཞན་ཕམ་སྡིག་ལས་ཀྱིས་དངུལ་དང་རྒྱུ་ནོར་བསགས་ནས་འབྱོར་ལྡན་སྐད་གྲགས་ཅན་ཞིག་བྱུང་བ་ལས།


Better than being a rich famous person
who commits negative karma defeating others to make money,

is to be a humble person without much money or power,
but with a kind heart and a sincere wish to help others.

From “A Calendar for Mindful Living,” written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche and translated by Jampa Tharchin, 2017.