Dear Sangha,

I want to say a little bit about our wonderful Sangha meeting which took place a few days ago after Saturday morning meditation. I am very happy because this board really wants to do something for the Dharma Center. This board and Sangha did a great job the past few years, and they want to do more in the future for the MDC, which is very nice and encouraging. Thank you to the board and to everyone who attended the meeting.

Right now in this information age, the world has become flatter and more connected by technology, which is everywhere; fortunately, we are using technology in a positive way for the Dharma, which is very good because we cannot live without it or escape it. Since the pandemic, the Dharma Center has become increasingly more virtual through the use of technology. We have many resources, such as the website, YouTube, Facebook, the blog, etc. The MDC YouTube page alone has had almost 100k views, most of which come from other countries, and the blog has over 140k hits from a wide range of international audiences. Furthermore, we hold weekly Dharma activities on Zoom so the remote Sangha can join, who have given very positive feedback and seem very happy. I myself am very happy to use technology in this capacity.

I usually say my main Manjushri Dechen Shingdrup monastery is in South India, which has been built within the past few years because His Holiness the Dalai Lama told me to do so, but unfortunately I visit only once per year. Most of the time, I stay in Pacific Grove; now I can say my second country is the United States and my second home is here in California. In the future, we can focus on more Dharma activities in California and eventually invite more Sangha members here including those overseas from East Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc.) and India who want to come. I think this is a very good idea.

Often this Sangha says that they feel very lucky to have me here in PG. Actually, I want to say that I am very lucky to have you as my Sangha. I really love my students, and I always carry all my students’ photos with me when I travel and in my heart. From my heart advice of Dharma Nectar:


Not throwing away the long-held samaya

Between Guru and disciple at difficult times

Perceiving it as more valuable than life, never forget:

Keep this commitment in your heart. That is my heart advice.

You are grateful to me for Dharma kindness,

I am grateful to you for kind material support

Helping one another in this way

Is sacred Dharma work. That is my heart advice.

In brief, disciples, wherever you live

Always remember and never forget

All the advice I have given you;

Then we will meet again in joy. That is my heart advice.

The master’s rain of flowers of holy Dharma

Ripens the garden grove of disciples

Manifesting a glorious summer of Dharma,

Always together, inseparably. This is my heart advice.


~Khenpo Karten Rinpoche

To see a recording of the annual Sangha meeting, please check out this Zoom video
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