The Manjushri Dharma Center seems to have become a tourist
destination in Pacific Grove! The garden is in full bloom, and many people have been stopping by to admire the MDC foliage and some even take photographs. Thank you again to the hardworking garden volunteers, especially the Garden Coordinator Ginger Chih; the MDC seems to bring happiness to those who come inside for Dharma and as well as visitors who visit the outside to admire the flowers.
[Photo courtesy of our very own precious teacher, Khenpo Karten Rinpoche]

The master’s rain of flowers of holy Dharma
Ripens the garden grove of disciples
Manifesting a glorious summer of Dharma,
Always together, inseparably. This is my heart advice.

(the 19th verse of Rinpoche’s ‘Heartfelt Advice Of Dharma Nectar’) – HeartfeltAdviceofDharmaNecctar