Benevolent Gurus, all Buddhas in actuality,

Supreme Deities who I have practiced for a long time,

Please grant blessings that there be no hindrances

As I travel to India and other countries at this time.


May my dear friends at the Dharma Center here

Enjoy blissful joy and happiness,

And before long may Guru and disciples rejoin together

To enjoy our inseparable connection in profound holy Dharma.


Wherever we go, may we never forget the Guru.

Whatever we do, may it be inseparable from Dharma.

Whoever we associate with, may we bear no resentment.

May our lives be lived with boundless physical and mental joy.


In short, bless us to be humble, to limit our desires, to be content,

And to never be separated from the altruistic wish for enlightenment.

Please bless us to derive true essential meaning

From our precious human lives that are so difficult to find.


May we never be separated from the Masters and be moistened

By holy Dharma nectar in a rainy summer garden.

May there ripen the fruit of constant physical and mental joy.

May Guru, disciples, and all beings live in happiness.


From Khenpo Karten to my dearly cherished disciples of this Dharma center: Feeling regret about our coming temporary separation,

I wrote down what came to mind this morning of December 22, 2017, in a break between sessions of meditation.