The Manjushri Dharma Canter is getting ready for our annual garage sale. We would love donations. If you’re looking for help cleaning our your closet, we have some tips for you! Having moved several times in the past ten years, I developed a technique that definitely lightened my load:  THE ALMIGHTY CLOSET PURGE.
Step One: Open your clothes closet. Get your hands back into each side.  Get a feel for how much is there.  How tightly is it packed?
Step Two: Look at every item in your closet, and ask yourself, have I worn this in the last 5 years? If the answer is no, take a deep breath and take it out.
Step Three: Look at the pile. Ask yourself, why haven’t I worn it in 5 years?The answers can be pretty funny. And, can I part with this now? The answers can be enlightening.
Step Four: Fold the items and put in a bag for the garage sale.
If all goes well with the five-year rule, try the three-year rule!
Do this with a friend you like to laugh with!
Happy purging! -Diana