This is a short and heartfelt post written by Karma Palden (Miles McBreen) after spending the morning with Rinpoche at the beach in Pacific Grove:
We are so very fortunate to have authentic and highly qualified Tibetan Gurus among us here on earth. Each connected through oral instructions to vast and profound lineage’s of Gurus going back 1000’s of years.
Khenpo Karten Rinpoche La is a very humble, learned, kind, realized and accomplished yogi, scholar, and Guru now living in Pacific Grove, CA. An to me as my Root Guru he is a shining example of a Buddha in human form. Here in the west, unlike in the east, the idea of having a Guru is somewhat unknown, new, maybe even strange to some people. Though with devotion the benefits can be vast. Cherished spiritual friends. Guides on the path. Beacons of refuge. Like fathers and mothers to us samsaric beings. As it is said “Equal to all Buddhas in qualities of realization. Yet surpassing all Buddhas in kindness to me. I pray at the feet of my root Guru, O protector, Please turn the minds of myself and all beings towards the Dharma.” Gurus are the specific connection to the teachings and ones who help us begin to understand our natural minds. Helping us navigate across the ocean of samsara towards liberation.
First an foremost the Dharma is meant to transform one’s mind. To clear away obscurations of ignorance and afflictive emotions. This can be illustrated through the Dalai Lama’s and other Tibetan Gurus perspectives on the atrocities committed against them and the Tibetan people by the Chinese communist government. While horrible, sad, and disturbing; these profound Dharma teachings may not have spread so vastly around the world if these precious Gurus were not forced to leave there homeland and become refugees. There by transforming suffering and hardship into vast compassionate benefit throughout the entire world.
With tears of devotion streaming down my face as I write this, it seems as if a lake has appeared in front of me, from who’s center a sacred tree grows. All the Gurus, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas of the three times, gleaming as ornaments of refuge and liberation