Following the conclusion of the February Virtual Retreat, the Manjushri Dharma Center held its annual all Sangha board meeting and new board elections. In this very heartfelt and emotional Board Meeting, the Rinpoche and the Sangha thanked the past board with gratitude for the service and dedication, and welcomed the new Board: David Winkler (President); Pema Tsomo (Vice President); Tom Adams (Treasurer); Pam Krone (Assistant Treasurer); and Miles McBreen (Secretary). Thank you Pema Tsultrim (Aaron Joseph) for your service as the MDC President, and heartfelt welcome to the MDC Board Vice President, Pema Tsomo.

As from the 17th verse of my Heart Advice of Dharma Nectar:

You are grateful to me for Dharma kindness,
I am grateful to you for kind material support
Helping one another in this way
Is sacred Dharma work. That is my heart advice.