All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas abiding in the ten directions,

Precious root Gurus, lineage Gurus and so on! Visualizing you, just like actually seeing you in the space before me, I fervently appeal to you with deep reverence! Please listen! Please understand! Please think of me!

In general, as long as we wander in samsara under the control of delusion, with that as the cause, the only result will be more negative karma and suffering. Qualities of causes, good or bad, determining the qualities of their corresponding results, is the real essence of Buddha’s teachings.

In particular, everyone wishes to do well during their lifetime by relying upon holy Dharma. Unfortunately, however, there are many ways we may accumulate negative karma, for example, by not knowing, not respecting, being unconscientious, or being too deluded.

Therefore, from my side, dear disciples and vajra brothers and sisters, Tibetan, Chinese, Western, wherever you live in this world, please listen to me!

Whenever I, by myself, have not been able to fulfill your hopes and wishes from a Dharma perspective; and when, in particular, because of differences in our cultures, languages, views or ways of thinking, whether I noticed it or not, whether it was direct or indirect: any unpleasant expression or disrespect I showed you physically; any time I said something meaningless or harsh, or that miscommunicated because of language barriers; and any time I got angry, uncomfortable, had bad thoughts, and so forth, whatever non-virtues I have accumulated in any of these three ways, with heartfelt love for you, my disciples and vajra siblings who are all worthy of offerings, I reveal and confess them before you and ask your patience. I won’t commit such actions in the future.

All misdeeds and transgressions I have accumulated in relation to my disciples and vajra siblings because of being under control of the three poisonous delusions since beginningless time in general; and especially those I have committed this year, this month, and this very day, I reveal and confess to all of You present here before me: Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, supreme Deity Buddha Amitabha, Yidam Vajrakilaya and so on. I won’t commit such actions in the future.

O Devas of the four elements and earth’s environment! Please forgive my insults and not protecting you!

O Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, please be patient With decline in the commitments I have made before you!

O sentient beings of the six realms! Please forbear my lacking love and compassion!

O kind root Guru! Please forgive me For not being able to practice and become just like you, O Father!

Although I’ve been introduced to transcendent wisdom awareness Please forbear my lack of perseverance in practicing it.

Please forgive me for whenever I lost faith In my vajra siblings who are, in nature, gods and goddesses.

Whenever I have taught Dharma, conferred initiations and so forth, Please forbear any omissions, excesses, or mistakes that I made!

In short, O Gurus, Deities, vajra siblings and sentient beings! With remorse and regret I confess all mistakes I have made Out of ignorance, lack of care, lack of respect, and so on: Please be patient, O Buddhas, from your sphere of great loving Dharmakaya!

From now until attaining full enlightenment May Guru and disciples never be parted from holy Dharma. Never losing loving bonds of friendship between us, May we all remain on a path of happiness and peace.

With no need for a boss above me or a servant below me Without any hope for status or reputation, With contentment, humility, and calm, peaceful conduct May my practice become just like yours!

May all those with karmic connection to me, good or bad, In all their lives, never be parted from holy Dharma! May their lives be filled with oceans of mental and physical joy, And may they be set into the everlasting bliss of Buddhahood!

The lowly Karten, Khenpo in name only, of Manjushri Dharma Center, wrote this confession, not as mere words, but with fervent feeling of regret, right after midday session on the 23rd of December, 2019. May all be virtuous!

Sarva Mangalam Tashi Deleks!


Translation Jampa Tharchin December 26, 2019