Be a Manjushri Dharma Center Board Member or Support Volunteer! 


  • Spend time with Khenpo Karten Rinpoche
  • Learn more about Dharma and have more opportunity to practice
  • Spend time with kind Dharma practitioners
  • Feel good that you are a part of making this extraordinary circumstance possible: a Tibetan Buddhist monk (thank you KKR), a Tibetan translator (thank you JT), and the Manjushri Dharma Center (thank you generous donors) in Monterey Bay serving the world!  Wow.

Elections are held every two years for new Board Members of the Manjushri Dharma Center (MDC).  On January 11, 2020 we held our Annual Sangha Meeting, and filled the roles of President and Secretary, but are still in need of a Treasurer and other non-board support roles.  Please consider volunteering some of your time and energy in one of the following areas to benefit Rinpoche and the Dharma:


MDC Board (formal positions for a two year term that help set the direction for the MDC)

President-filled: Bob Mueller to end of February, then Aaron Joseph to end of 2021

Vice President, Operations -filled:  Shayna Morse

Secretary -filled: Deirdre Means to end of May, then Rachel Christopherson to end of 2021

  • Treasurer (OPEN POSITION)
    • 8-10 Hours per month
    • Takes care of the payments, income and accounting for the Dharma Center so that we can maintain a balanced budget and help sustain the financial stability of MDC and help with the expansion of dharma activities.
    • Twice a month, collect donations from MDC and deposit to the Bank.
    • Pay MDC bills for utilities, Rinpoche’s wages, and other expenses.
    • Coordinate with Tax person re MDC 1099 and W2 forms for MDC and re Rinpoche’s taxes.
    • Take care of annual reporting to the Tax Assessor to maintain tax exempt status
    • Track the accounting and keep monthly balance sheet.
    • Attend Board meetings.
    • Check center mail weekly, help with any mail for Rinpoche and respond appropriately with his input.

MDC Support Persons (non-Board positions)

  • Assistant Treasurer and/or Finance Committee (trained to serve in Treasurer’s absence, helps to set financial priorities, help with writing calls to action for fundraising campaigns, help research financial options, etc.)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (new position)–Help with writing calls for help, organizing volunteers for specific events (Blessing of the waters, retreats, fence building, help with visitors, etc) and for ongoing volunteer needs (house work, house projects, gardening, weekly classes)
  • Facility Manager -filled: Keith Larson– safety, and physical space for MDC
  • Communications/Newsletter Editor – filled:  Rachel Christopherson–helping to produce weekly newsletter, and to maintain website
  • Program Development – Aaron Joseph – works with Rinpoche to create Dharma events, leads Monday evening practice in Rinpoche’s absence


Life can be unpredictable, making long-term commitments seem daunting, but don’t let that be a mental block. Serve with a good intention, and all of us will cover for each other as things come up. Don’t be scared. Volunteer. It’s time well spent!

For More Information:

The current Board members are available to discuss their role and are available to assist in the transition of new people. Our names and email addresses are listed in the weekly newsletter. If you are interested in seeking more information about how you might help in any of these positions, please contact any current Board Member or Support Volunteer.

Please offer your help in this gratifying service to Rinpoche, the Dharma and his growing Sangha!


Bob Mueller, 2019 Board President-outgoing (with so many thanks from our Sangha!)