Protector Amitabha of Sukhavati, 

Supreme Deity of Infinite Light, closest to our lives, 

As you hear my bereaved, yearning request, 

Quickly come, unimpeded, to the space before me! 

During this time when images of Dharma can still be seen, 

Though our bodies were different, me, a human being, 

And you, a dear little animal, we came together 

In this place, here, like a father and his son. 

Separated in the briefest moment, the nature of impermanent things, Yet, by power of our profound connection during this short time, 

And the positive potential of your good instincts for compassion, 

Through forceful methods, may you take birth in Sukhavati! 

Even if you are not reborn in Sukhavati, 

May you take ordination, meet a Virtuous Spiritual Guide, 

Train your mind in successive hearing, contemplation, and meditation, And finally become irreversible on the path. 

Supreme Deity, Amitabha, Lord of hundreds of Buddha families, 

Through blessings of your compassion, coming close from afar, 

Please calm all frightening visions of the fawn’s intermediate state and swiftly guide the departed Karma Shawa to Sukhavati! 

For your parents who are left behind 

May our sorrow for you be consoled 

May we enjoy health, peace and happiness, 

And never part from Dharma for a moment of the day or night. 

Three days since the death of my dear son of the animal realm, the fawn, Karma Shawa, I, the human, Khenpo Karma Tensung, who had the karma to become like his father, wrote this prayer on the first day of Saka Dawa, May 30, 2022. May it be fulfilled just as made!