Tashi Delek.
Sharing a photo of my three dharma brothers at the new MDC by the beach. I head to the lover’s point beach almost every day to meditate and these three squirrels will be there waiting for me at the exact same spot. The view is very beautiful here and I simply love staring at the ocean.
As I sat near the bushes, they came out of their hiding place and came near to me. I did not bring any food for them the first time but the next day I brought them some mixed nuts. They seem to be a family maybe brothers and sisters or father, mother and child. They looked really happy and healthy and when I’m there they would hop onto my lap. They are not afraid of me but I was a little nervous as I was afraid that they might bite or scratch me instead.
As I fed them regularly, they became friendlier and even fell asleep on my lap! Unfortunately I did not bring my phone to the beach that day to capture this cute sight. Then one day I told them that they were special to me so I will give them all dharma names. One squirrel was called Lama Dorje, the next one is Lama Tsering, and finally Lama Tenzin. When I’m there now I would call them by their names and they would scrurry out from their hiding place. We hung out like this for approximately one month and I think they are waiting for me to bring them food every day now.
I asked my neighbor Keith to accompany me to the beach ?️ yesterday and told him all about these squirrels. I jokingly asked if he wanted the see 3 Tibetan lamas at the beach but he didn’t believe me. Then the 3 squirrels ???️ came out and I introduced them to Keith. ? He then laughed and said that it was really cute and that I should write a story about the “three lamas at the beach”. We all sat together to enjoy the view and I fed them their peanuts as usual. What a lovely day it was. ?
Written by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, originally posted to the MDC Facebook page on Oct. 27th, 2020