Sharing photos of the two precious large sized statues given to me by my student Ama Kipala from Portland. She told me of her intentions to donate the Buddha Amitayus and Buddha Shakyamuni Statues to Manjushri Dharma Centre when I visited Oregon for the Amitabha Dechen Shingdrup recently. I thanked Ama Kipala for her generosity and kindness.
By this auspicious sponsorship of holy objects, Ama Kipala has accumulated an inconceivable amount of merit.
Making offerings of holy objects like Buddha statues (which represents Buddha’s body), Holy texts (which represents Buddha’s speech), Stupas (which represents Buddha’s mind) and other precious objects will definitely create a cause for happiness in this life and also in future lifetimes. By making this triple offering Buddha’s body, speech and mind, one will also develop the wisdom to listen and contemplate on the teachings of the Buddha. This pure motivation and offering will create the cause for enlightenment for oneself and also for other sentient beings in the six realms of existence.
Tashi Delek.
Originally posted on Facebook by Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, Dec. 28th, 2018